Life is an adventure join us on one!

Personal guided tours into the wide open areas of  southern Africa

Lets face it... many of the the areas we are representing, although awesomely beautiful, are vast and remote and can therefore be both intimidating and potentially dangerous to the traveller who does not know the lay of this land. After all, it's no fun getting lost in a desert. 

With our first hand local knowledge we take you to visit both the iconic tourist attractions and the lesser known places of interest, you get to stay in accommodation that is not only comfortable but where possible introduces you to local culture and/or the unusual. 

Most importantly we don't do mass tourism, where you are herded from one tourism destination to another in a large coach stopping for a pre-determined time over which you have no say. If this is what you would like then we suggest looking at an alternative tour operator.  We stress that our tours are personalised and we like to keep the numbers in our groups to a maximum size of 12 people. Often, taking into account the terrain we like to explore, the tours we take are in 4x4 vehicles with only 2 to 4 guests per vehicle, with a maximum of 3 vehicles. The biggest vehicle we use takes 8 passengers.


The Cost of Guided African Arid Experiences Tours

Our philosophy is to keep our tours exclusive yet as cost effective as possible. We realise that not everybody can afford 5 star prices but would still like to be pampered and experience the best possible. Most of our tours afford our guests the chance to experience a mix of everything from local bed and breakfasts to the occasional upmarket lodges and you will be happy to know that no commissions are added onto accommodation bookings. Our accommodation arrangements are usually the best available in National Parks and for the rest we try our best to find excellent places aimed around the 3 star mark (the Grading Council of SA's guidelines for 3 star establishments are 'Good overall impression; Very good appearance, maintenance and

condition; Comfortable, relaxed feel"). 


Up coming tours foR 2019

2 July to 21 July 2019

Cape Town to Namibia

21 day tour  (extra add on 3 day Cape Town tour)

This, one of our signature tours, shows off the splendour of the Arid region across two countries. We start from our home base, the ever popular mother city of Cape Town, and head north via massive canyons, a ghost town and towering sand dunes on an adventurous  2 000 km journey to Namibia's Etosha National Park, home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

12 to 19 Aug & 1 to 12 Sept 2019

Namaqualand Spring Splendour

8 day tourAugust

10 day tour - September

Experience the miracle of spring in Namaqualand when the seemingly barren ground erupts into a tapestry of unforgettable colours. The change is unbelievable and nowhere else on earth is there such a dramatic and colourful awakening to the changing of seasons.

Add to this the typical West Coast character and hospitality and our local knowledge of the flora and you have a memorable vacation.